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Knape & Vogt for:

New Steel Flat Rail Barn Door Hardware
KV adds Steel Flat Rail line plus a Soft-close Add-on, Bypass Bracket and Privacy Barn Door Locks to our Barn Door Hardware offering.
HyLoft Ceiling Storage
Summertime is time to get organized in the garage with HyLoft Ceiling storage
Industry solutions: automotive interiors
As markets continue trending upward for high-end vehicles with premium features, you want a supply partner with proven capabilities to go to work on your biggest challenges.
Blog: Soft-close is smart-close when it comes to barn doors
If you're installing a sliding barn door in your home, soft-close is definitely the way to go
HyLoft Ceiling Storage installation
Many thanks to our friends at the FIXIT Home Improvement Channel for the video! "How to Assemble the HYLoft Garage Ceiling Storage Shelf"