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Bringing a little order
to your universe
Taking storage to
a whole new level
Collaborating with you
to maximize access,
minimize downtime
Offering up innovation
that never stands still
Helping you access tools
for making a living
Helping you pull out
ahead of the rest

Knape & Vogt for:

Feature: Tempo Dual Screen
The Tempo Dual Screen 7760AS designed with elegant styling, smooth operation, unmatched performance and rugged reliability the Tempo meets the demands of today’s office.
Videos: Closet Culture System
Two new videos from KV show you why you need Closet Culture and how to install it when you get it home.
Industry Solutions: Appliance
We've collaborated with the biggest names in appliances to create solutions for bottom mount freezers, dishwashers and more.
Blog: Time for tire storage
ICYMI from our blog last fall: Changing seasons means changing your tires
KV 8450FM slides featured in shop build
We're excited to see the final installment of McLarty Woodworks miter saw station build using 22 pairs of KV's 8450FM soft close slides