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Knape & Vogt for:

Altissimo Sit-Stand Workstation

New! Tempo Monitor Support Arm

Tempo offers support for an industry-leading range of monitor weights and sizes, in addition to superior stability, greater range of motion, smoother operating function and improved styling. Read the news release.

Featured Products: Heavy-Duty Does It

Four KV heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty ball bearing drawer slide models that will perform to the max in all kinds of demanding applications in commercial, residential and educational environments.

Industry Solutions: Electronic Equipment Manufacturers

For electronic equipment installations including ATMS, medical dispensing carts, imaging/copy machines and more, KV slides provide stability and easy access with a wide range of options for extension, detent and specialized environments.

New in the Store: TAP-MOUNT Wall Storage System

Heavy-duty TAP-MOUNT system stores tools, sports and garden equipment, automotive supplies and more. Just tap down on the accessory pieces for a tight fit into the horizontal track for versatile, adjustable storage.