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The quest for effortless motion
is our driving force
Helping you access tools
for making a living
from turning into downtime
Keeping your uptime
in you satisfied
Keeping the clean freak
Helping you pull out
ahead of the rest
Opening up your world
with functional style

Knape & Vogt for:

New Steel Flat Rail Barn Door Hardware
KV adds Steel Flat Rail line plus a Soft-close Add-on, Bypass Bracket and Privacy Barn Door Locks to our Barn Door Hardware offering.
Metal Drawer Applications
Medium and heavy duty slides designed for metal drawer and cabinet applications
Industry Solutions: Electronic Equipment
KV sliding systems engineers worked with an electronic equipment OEM to develop a server chassis slide that allows full access to 1U and 2U servers, ensuring that IT equipment operates reliably and efficiently.
New on the blog: No room for a barn door? Try bypass doors
If you don't have wall space for a traditional barn door installation, bypass barn doors might be just right for you.