BYP-250A Series

BYP-250A Series

The BYP-250A series features 4-wheel ball bearing carriers and quick release top mount plate for smooth and quiet door movement. Ideal for 250 Ib. by-pass doors used in a wide range of commercial and residential interior applications.


By-Pass Doors
Maximum Weight Per Door Panel
250 lb.
Door Thickness
1-3/8" to 1-3/4"
Door Opening Options
4' to 8'
Door Quantity Options
Carrier Type
4-wheel ball bearing
Track Type/Material
Single aluminum box track
Door Material

Available options

Item (Click for detail & option to buy) Item Type # of Doors Door Opening Carton Quantity Unit of Measure Order Quantity Price per Order Quantity
BYP-250A-2D-4 Packaged Set 2 48" 1 EACH EACH
BYP-250A-2D-5 Packaged Set 2 60" 1 EACH EACH
BYP-250A-2D-6 Packaged Set 2 72" 1 EACH EACH
BYP-250A-2D-8 Packaged Set 2 96" 1 EACH EACH