Closet-Pro Regular-Duty Adjustable Closet Rod

Closet-Pro Regular-Duty Adjustable Closet Rod

Regular-duty adjustable closet rod is perfect for any size home closet installation. The 1-1/4" rod can be used with or without a wall cleat and is available in adjustable sizes from 18" - 120 " in white or platinum finish.


Adjustable Round Closet Rods & Hardware
John Sterling

Available options

Item (Click for detail & option to buy) Finish Load Capacity Length Carton Quantity Unit of Measure Order Quantity Price per Order Quantity
RP0021-18/30 White 18"-30" 10 EACH EACH
RP0021-18/30PM Platinum 18" - 30" 10 EACH EACH
RP0021-30/48 White 30"-48" 10 EACH EACH
RP0021-30/48PM Platinum 30"-48" 10 EACH EACH
RP0021-48/72 White 48"-72" 10 EACH EACH
RP0021-48/72PM Platinum 48"-72" 10 EACH EACH
RP0021-72-120PM Platinum 72"-120" 10 EACH EACH
RP0021-72120 White 72"-120" 10 EACH EACH