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Knape & Vogt for:

Altissimo Sit-Stand Workstation

New! Altissimo Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation

Knape & Vogt has announced the Altissimo Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation – the only HFES-compliant, rear-mounted device on the market designed to retrofit an existing desktop with sit-to-stand capability.

Featured: HyLoft Super Pro Ceiling Storage Unit

The 96" X 48" Ceiling Storage Unit is the largest, strongest and most versatile ceiling-mounted storage unit on the market.

Industry Solutions: Electronic Equipment

Knape & Vogt slides are ideal solutions for a variety of electronic equipment installations, providing stability and sureness of motion, with a wide range of options for extension, detent and specialized environments.

A not-so-secret way to get organized

A mainstay for generations, adjustable shelving is kind of an open secret—a versatile, practical way to get things in order. It's the perfect solution that's been here all along.