Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomics

Answering the call for designs that keep people moving

In today’s mobile work environment the call is for agile workspaces that adapt to multiple uses and accommodate every user. It’s about increasing movement and creating a setting where people have more choices, more control—even over the positioning of screens, keyboards, accessories and desktop height.

If you’re designing office furniture systems that help increase productivity while enabling people to move, you need ergonomic components that go above and beyond the spec. Plus the support of a partner with a longstanding knowledge of your business.

At KV Waterloo we have the products and the knowhow. And we’ll collaborate with you to develop new ideas and concepts to keep people moving—and keep your business moving forward.

NEW: Read our latest whitepaper, "Sit-to-Stand to Move," by KV Sr. Product Manager Peter Barber, to learn about ergonomics and trends in sit-stand desking.

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