Quality performing hardware to advance your reputation

Knape & Vogt hardware and storage products help you deliver a space that performs up to your exacting standards. Cabinets that look great—and function perfectly. Drawers that move smoothly and feel “right.” Shelving that's flexible, elegant, functional. Moving walls, doors, appliances, built-ins and ergonomic elements that respond elegantly to the touch.

Trust your contractors and your peers who know that KV hardware is a worthwhile investment in your reputation. It’s a choice to be defended when the pressure is on to compromise quality with lesser performing, least-cost imports.

Our products withstand the test of time and support your vision. And we’ll do our best to make sure your project succeeds from manufacture through installation and beyond. You can trust a company that’s in the business of motion to move your designs—and your name—ahead

Commercial & Industrial Adjustable Shelving
KV is the number one architecturally specified brand of adjustable wall-mounted shelving systems in the U.S.