What's in a barn door hardware kit?

Barn door hardware kits vary, but generally they include all hardware needed to complete a single-door installation, except the rail (track), usually sold separately. You will also need to purchase rail, or track, that is twice the length of your door. Rails are usually sold in 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot lengths. Purchase a splice kit (connector) separately to join two lengths together for a longer track. Additional brackets and door stops also can be purchased separately.  Note: For a double, or bi-part, door purchase 2 kits plus a splice kit (connector).

A kit for an aluminum flat rail installation contains:

A. Carrier (Available in various styles) — 2

B. End stop (Stops door from rolling; one for each end of the rail) — 2

C. Mounting bracket (For fastening rail to wall studs or header) — 5

D. Floor guide (Keeps door from swinging) — 1

E. Rail (Sold separately)

Fasteners also included