Are there international HyLoft dealers?
How do I locate my ceiling studs?
How many HyLoft units can I install in my garage?
How much storage volume does my HyLoft 45x45 Unit provide?
How much weight can each unit hold?
Interested in becoming a HyLoft dealer?
What do I do if I am having problems with my installation?
What do I do if I have any missing or damaged parts?
What does the warranty cover?

Are there any international HyLoft dealers?

Distribution in Australia:
Anaconda Wholesale 
Ph: 08 9248 2221 

19/278 Camboon Road
Perth, Western Australia 6090



How do I locate my ceiling studs?

If you're using an electronic stud sensor, consult the user manual. Otherwise, one of these methods might help:

  • Check the ceiling for any visible drywall screw or tape patterns. These usually indicate the location and direction of the ceiling joists.
  • You can sometimes tell by tapping on the ceiling—a solid-feeling tap can indicate the joist location.
  • The screws in the ceiling that attach the brackets holding up the garage door rails may show where the studs are located. 
  • Frequently the length-wise direction of the electrical outlet for the garage door opener runs parallel to the ceiling joists. Use this as a reference.
  • Drive a nail or drill a hole through the drywall. If you hit wood above the drywall, you have probably located the joist.
  • A last resort is to cut a 6"x6" hole in the ceiling and look up into the hole above the ceiling drywall to locate joists.

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How many HyLoft units can I install in my garage?

In order to adequately disperse the stored load, you should not install more than two HyLoft units on any two ceiling beams (rafters, studs, roof trusses, etc.).

Consult a home construction professional if you have questions.

How much storage volume does my HyLoft 45x45 unit provide?

At the minimum height adjustment of 16 inches, your storage volume is 20 cubic feet. Every two inches of additional downrod adjustments equals 2 1/2 cubic feet of storage space with a maximum of 30 cubic feet at 28 inches.

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How much weight can each unit hold?

Each Hyloft product has its own weight limit. Visit the product page for the product you are interested in to see that weight limit.

Interested in becoming a HyLoft dealer?

Here's why you should consider HyLoft's unique ceiling and wall storage products.

Large Sales Potential

  • 60+ million garages and potential customers in the U.S. alone
  • Every garage in your market represents a potential customer
  • Every homeowner today needs additional storage
  • Additional revenue stream for your company by maximizing every sales call
  • Excellent margins on every sale

Fast and Easy Installation

  • Similar installation characteristics as garage doors
  • No special or additional tools that you don't already have on your service trucks
  • Installs in less than 60 minutes
  • HyLoft provides installation training and support

Revenue and Profit Center

  • Extra revenue can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per week
  • Above average gross margins (60% on installed pricing)

Program Support From HyLoft

  • Consumer Literature
  • Product images
  • In Home Sales Tools
  • Installation Training

To get started, contact our sales department at 800.253.1561

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What if I am having problems with my installation?

Think of the project in three general steps:

  1. Locate the ceiling joists and install the ceiling brackets. This is the most difficult step
  2. Connect and assemble the downrods and support bars
  3. Place and connect the grids

If you are having difficulties:

  1. Review the install sheets and then attempt the installation again. Once the ceiling joist locations are determined, the remainder of the project goes very quickly.
  2. Assemble as much as possible on the floor. After you determine the downrod height you need, these can be assembled on the floor. 
  3. Follow each step in the installations. There are a number of diagrams and images that are can be very helpful.
  4. Be sure to use the proper tools as listed on the install sheet.

If you are still having problems with your installation, please call Customer Service at 800.253.1561 or email us. We are happy to help. Most installation questions and issues can be resolved, quickly enabling you to complete the install and still enjoy the benefits of the additional storage that HyLoft provides.

NOTE: If you decide to return the unit, do not return it to the retail location where purchased. Please call 800.253.1561 for return instructions. 

What do I do if I have any missing or damaged parts?

Using the parts list provided with the unit found in the install sheets, identify the part number of the missing or damaged part. Then contact us either by email or by calling Customer Service at 800-253-1561 to receive a duplicate part.

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What does the warranty cover?

All HyLoft products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Specific warranty terms are listed on the install sheet that comes with your unit. Install sheets also are available in the Resource Library.

Please call Customer Service at 800.253.1561 for more information.

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