Want to get organized? Put it on a shelf

Standard and bracket adjustable shelving helps you get stuff up off the floor and get it organized.  Just add shelf board and you’re all set!

Here are four things you need to consider in choosing your adjustable shelving:

1. Where to put shelves; what to put on them
For playroom closet: Get toys and books up off the floor with Knape & Vogt 70/170 Series regular-duty standards and brackets.

2. Weight of the items on the shelf

  • Got a home office?  Monitors and printers need heavy-duty support like KV's 82/182 Series rated for up to 450 lbs. per bracket pair.
  • In the garage: Storing hoses for the winter calls for something sturdier — the extra-duty 85/185 Series holds  up to 680 lbs. per bracket pair.

3. Visual appeal/your decor
Knape & Vogt Simplicity shelf brackets feature covers that hide mounting hardware — and you can paint them to match your wall.

4. Length of shelf
Support a long counter in the utility room or the workbench in the garage with KV's extra-duty 85/185 Series, designed for longer shelves and extra heavy storage.