8450FM: Breakthrough technology in sliding systems

8450FM: Breakthrough technology in sliding systems

KV's 8450FM Soft-Close Slide featuring Force Management™ technology is the absolute best-in-class for a whisper-smooth, quiet drawer open and close—ideal for fine commercial or residential cabinetry and millwork.

What’s the innovation? A patented rack and gear design that creates a mechanical action that decreases pull force and evens out drawer opening. It also increases closure force for an improved close.

The rack and gear design manages pull force on a curve, delivering significantly lower peak force vs. linear spring designs, and creating a lower drop off force at the module release point that eliminates “jerkiness.” Upon close, the mechanism increases force, and with a slightly longer damper maintains a perfect balance of dampening and closure force. The effect is optimal speed-to-close for a complete, secure close with no slamming.

The 8450FM is a 100 lb. class, full extension slide that meets or exceeds performance standards in KCMA, BIFMA and BHMA testing. (For the same slide with 1" overtravel, see the 8455FM.) Its traditional 32mm hole pattern supports industry standards and it features an unhanded design with lever disconnect for easy drawer removal. Shop for the 8450FM or the 8455FM.


Video: 8450FM Product Video
See the 8450FM Soft-Close Slide in action.