8600/8605 Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide

8600/8605 Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide

New 150-lb. class drawer slide is designed for deep, wide drawers

The 150-lb. class KV 8600 full extension and KV 8605 over travel slides are designed to accommodate the larger drawers in demand in today’s residential and commercial furniture.  The slides with profile of just ½" profile are neverthless ideal for large drawers with heavy load capacity in standard-size base cabinets.

The 8600 Series slide is available in sizes from 12" to 28" for use with drawers up to 36" wide. The 3-member telescopic- action slide has a double wrapped center member for added strength and capacity, yet its profile retains the typical ½” clearance used for lighter-duty applications in standard (24") base cabinets.

The slide is designed for deep, wide drawers used primarily for heavier storage in commercial settings including in such applications as custom cabinetry, lateral files and lab cabinets where drawers with high weight load capacity – up to 150 lbs.– are common.

Wider drawers also are trending in residential applications as an alternative to the less-accessible fixed shelving usually found in under-cabinet storage. Our first entry into the heavy-duty ball bearing line, the slide was developed to give cabinet makers more strength and stability in commercial custom installations and office files as well as in residential applications where wide-drawer load capacity may extend beyond a 120-lb class slide.